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House Moving

House Moving

House Moving

If your looking for a professional home moving company, then look no further for Kifalme Movers got you covered. Our dedicated team of professionals relocators with vast experience in the field guarantees a smooth and hustle free move for you and your family.

Kifalme Movers is your moving partner offering quality moving services. Moving is our business and no move is too big or too small; whether domestic or international, our staff are on hand to manage all your relocation requirements. Moving to a new home means you’ll be dealing with tasks buying your home after finding a good neighborhood for your kids, accounting for and packing all your possessions, and arranging for them all to be carted from your old house to the new one.

With all the stress associated with these changes, wouldn’t it be great if you could find an expert who has walked thousands of people through moving—someone you could trust to handle all the details? Whether you are moving across the street, from one floor to another floor of the same building, from one estate to another or to a new county, our home moving team handles everything from packing to final arrangement at your new house.

We provide all the necessary packing materials to ensure no damages to your furniture. Our vehicles are custom built for carrying items that need care and safety, they are padded on the inside to minimize damage, and they have lashing rails for tying and fastening the items.

Our Home Moving Service guarantees you the following value adds;

  • Basic housekeeping.
  • DSTV installation & Zuku satellite TV installation
  • Mounting TVs and various wall hangings

We offer a special off-peak product for those choosing to move mid-month.


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